Artist. Texas Trailblazer. BIG heart. Sharp. Sassy. Indie. Hippie. Sparkly. Preppy. Earthy. Lover of life.


Carlyn Filtsch never thought she would become an Artist, but the "creative vibes" run thick in her genes.

At an early age she discovered her love for visual art. She learned to manipulate the elements of line, color, texture, shape, form, value and space - using all different mediums.

Currently she paints, draws, sculpts, prints and more. Carlyn tends to create with acrylics, oils, charcoal, pen & ink, pastels, pencil, and recycled materials. 

She is motivated by real-world experiences, story-telling, family, friends and nature. Having studied an an array of liberal arts; she is fascinated by communications, literature, history, biology, anthropology, theology, sociology, psychology, history, environmental science, astronomy, socioeconomics, etc. 

Her portfolio consists of high-contrast pieces to illustrate life experiences, her love for light, animals, and portraits.

Contact Carlyn for commission pieces, visual art lessons, art parties and other events.


Austin Creative Art Center